“Thank you. Your marketplace mediation [Above All Things, Take Time for Communion] stopped me in my tracks and made me remember that it’s not about me. I am to do everything as unto Christ. This really touched my spirit.”

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the Praise Breakfast this morning. It was exactly what I needed and needed to hear. Sometimes God uses us in ways we don’t even know and this was one of those times where God used you tremendously and allowed me to see him fresh and new this morning. The message was wonderful and just what I needed to encourage me daily.”

"Through the luncheons, the Bible study, and the other activities, SCWN has been a place to see what God’s standard is for me when the world tells me otherwise." - Angela Washington

“Just wanted to tell you what an AWESOME experience the luncheon was for me.  I loved everything about it!  The program was phenomenal and everyone was so friendly, going out of their way to be warm and welcoming.  What a great feeling.  I was bragging to my husband about it and I was saying how usually networking events are not my "thing," but in this setting it is so much easier because you know you automatically know you have at least one thing in common!  That in itself takes a lot of pressure off.  Anyway, thank you again for your hospitality and kindness.  I do hope to be able to return next month; I have even asked a friend to arrange her schedule so she can go with me.”


“I just read your meditation. I think what you wrote today is so critical for our growth as believers in Jesus.”

“I received the SCWN postcard yesterday and I just want to say thanks, ever so much. Thanks to the women praying for me and my workplace, the timing is perfect and I praise God for SCWN prayer warriors on my behalf. Since August, it has been extremely hectic here in my workplace and through all the stress I’ve seen God’s Grace. Thanks again and I appreciate SCWN’s ministry.”

“Congratulations on a wonderful event last Thursday evening. It was so much fun, and the benefits of networking are far-reaching…Thanks again for all you are doing to foster Christian love, support, and encouragement to working women.”

"I think one of the best ways that SCWN gives life is through the noonday Bible study at the TVA complex. I reluctantly attended to be nice to a co-worker who had invited me. It was a bit awkward at first because the ladies were a bit older than me and were of other denominations. What I assumed would be an unwanted interruption of my busy day turned out to be something that I really needed. The life experiences of the ladies as we have studied God’s Word have shown both what to do and not what to do at home and at work. With the busyness of my life, the Bible study is my way of stopping for a moment to see what God has to say. This group has seen me through the loss of my job, a new job down the street, and my departure from the workplace. Even with these life interruptions, I still return to the complex for the Bible study".