Living on Daily Bread by Jada Daves

Living on Daily Bread by Jada Daves

Have you ever felt really full? I mean that bloated, I’ve eaten too much, I’ll never eat again sensation some of us experience after consuming a meal at Grandma’s or at a favorite restaurant. Now to reverse your thinking, have you ever been hungry? Not hungry in the sense that it’s time for my afternoon snack, but I mean really hungry, where you’ve gone without food, water, or any form of nourishment for more than a day and your stomach growled so loud and your head was pounding, possibly keeping you from being able to sleep or think properly?

As you reflect on these two scenarios, I would like to build a parallel to our walk with Christ. When our homes are full of hope and laughter and our bank accounts are full of money, a powerful human condition takes over in even the strongest of Christian hearts to rely less on God and more on ourselves. Due to our prior successes and present healthy state, we become satisfied with feasting on our own desires and pleasures.

However, when life seems to be falling apart due to our families being bombarded and our finances depleted, we cry out to God and beg for His mercy and grace to help us. During these lean times of spiritual hunger, we realize our lack of self-sufficiency and rely on our Creator to provide for us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

While most of us are living with a full or hungry spiritual life right now, God has designed a better model for us to follow. Matthew 6:11 and Luke 11:3 remind us of a basic truth from the Lord’s Prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Hmm. Daily bread, not weekly, monthly, or yearly bread. When we trust God completely and begin to walk in faith on a daily basis, He will provide nourishment just in time for our hungry souls. Go ahead and try this new spiritual eating plan and I’ll guarantee the results will yield a more rock solid body.

Jada is a SCWN member and may be reached via email.